The Mushmellow is a kart for Toad in Mario Kart DS. The other karts Toad has are the Standard TD and 4-Wheel Cradle. It has the appearance of a marshmallow with a mushroom cap attached to it.


Toad's Mushmellow has a very high acceleration stat, high handling and drift stats, and below-average stats in other areas. Its distribution makes it look like a good candidate for snaking; however, while this is possible, it is very difficult due to the high drift (which discourages mini-turbos on straightaways) and poor off-road.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 4.3
Acceleration 8.7
Weight 3.0
Handling 7.0
Drift 7.0
Items 3.3

The Mushmellow's stats, as shown in-game.

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