A Mini Bomb Kart (also known as a Bob-omb) is a Kart exclusive to multiplayer races and battles in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

In 2-4 player matches on Mario Kart 64, Mini Bomb Karts are deployed all around the track, ready to explode anything that touches it. They drive left and right, and that's about it. Usually, they are stationed in the center of the track.

In Balloon Battle, 3-4 players, the first racer (or two if on 4 player) to lose is transformed into a Mini Bomb Kart in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart: Super Circuit. They can't pick up Items, but they can run into surviving players and destroy one of their balloons. However, it is a one time attack on MK64; you are just simply out, with an unmoving screen of the battle field. Mario Kart: Super Circuit lets you regenerate to damage opponents more than once.


Mini Bomb Karts are just a huge, black bomb with a pulsating yellow top and a lighted fuse set on 4, perfectly round wheels. Pretty simple.


  • Although they strikingly resemble the Bob-omb Item, they are classified in the Mario Kart 64 booklet as Mini Bomb Karts.
    • However, they are referred to in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as Bob-ombs, and they still have the same function.
  • This is like the beta version of the Bob-omb item.

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