Marty is a green Thwomp seen in N64 Bowser's Castle immediately when the player enters the castle itself.  He is unreachable as he is locked up in a cage. It also laughs upon entering the castle. It officially has no name, but fans liked him a lot and named him Marty. His name is edited using a program, cutting "MAR" of Mario, "T" of Toad and "Y" of Yoshi.  In the course's remake in Mario Kart Wii, Marty is just replaced by a generic Thwomp but this Thwomp still laughs upon entering the castle.

Hypothesizes to unlocking Marty

A lot of people like to speculate if Marty is an unlockable character. He isn't unlockable (only in hacked versions of the game) for real. Theories include:

  • Driving Bowser's Castle backwards.
  • Power-slide turbo boosting (pressing R to jump while steering to the left or the right) around the Bowser Statue in the castle garden clockwise.
  • Doing the same thing, but counterclockwise.
  • Driving Bowser's Castle the other way around (impossible, because you can't drive up the stairs).