Mario Kart Wii Competitions' are competitions (or tournaments in the US) that can be downloaded via the Mario Kart Channel. They are held from the 1st until the 10th of every month, and again from the 15th until the 25th, depending on Time Zones, for example in America it may end on the 9th or the 24th of the month.

Mario Kart Wii Competitions

Year: Month: No:. Mission:
2008 May 1 A VS race on Mario Circuit. The course has more Goombas and some Chain Chomps are roaming free around the course.
2 Wii Wheel Only - Race through the gates scattered around GBA Battle Course 3 in order.
June 1 Defeat 4 Topmen by knocking them off the arena with a Mushroom. This was on an exclusive battle arena called "Galaxy Collosseum" or "Galaxy Arena" (depending on the region).
2 Karts Only - Backwards Time Trial race on Mushroom Gorge.
July 1 Collect all the Coins in Coconut Mall.
2 Wii Wheel Only - 5-lap VS Race in DS Twilight House.
August 1 Race against DK and Diddy who have an infinite stack of Bananas, in N64 DK's Jungle Parkway. Only Green Shells, Triple Green Shells and Starmen are available as items.
2 Race through all the gates on Koopa Cape.
September 1 Wii Wheel Only - Time Trial race on N64 Skyscraper. Watch out for oncoming Bob-omb Cars Only Mushrooms (including Mega Mushrooms) and Starmen are available.
2 Karts Only - Collect all the Coins on SNES Mario Circuit 3. The Honeycoupe is highly recommended for this competition, as it has everything that is useful for a fast time: Good Speed, moderate Drift and a fast Mini-Turbo.
October 1 Defeat the Giant Pokey on Thwomp Desert with Bob-ombs.
2 Wii Wheel and Karts Only - Race against the CPUs on Luigi Circuit with no items whatsoever.
November 1 Collect all the Coins on Maple Treeway. Some Coins are hidden under piles of leaves.
2 Time Trial race on N64 Mario Raceway. Some Pokeys, oil spills and additional Piranha Plants are present.
December 1 Time Trial race on Wario's Gold Mine. Watch out for the giant Wiggler.
2 Race through all the gates on DK Summit. (DK's Snowboard Cross in the PAL version)
2009 January 1 Backwards Time Trial race on Toad's Factory.
2 Collect all the Coins on Funky Stadium.
February 1 Time Trial race on Block Plaza. Goombas, Pipes and oil are present.
2 Karts Only - Race through all 30 gates in order on GBA Bowser Castle 3.
March 1 Collect all the Coins on SNES Battle Course 4.
2 Karts Only - Race against Dry Bowser on N64 Bowser's Castle. Dry Bowser has the ability to shoot a Fireball which can then split into three.
April 1 Race through all the gates on GCN Waluigi Stadium.
2 Time Trial race on DS Peach Gardens with more Chain Chomps, more Monty Moles and only Mushrooms available.
May 1 VS race on the special Luigi Circuit at sunset, usually seen during the very first part of the credits, with Bob-omb Cars which you must avoid.
2 Wii-Wheel Only - Collect all the coins in Chain Chomp Wheel.
June 1 Karts Only - Time Trial on Grumble Volcano backwards.
2 Boss Battle against 6 Spiked Topmen, set on Galaxy Arena/Colosseum (for the second time). This time however, the 3 outer rings of the stage collapse over time.
July 1 Collect Coins on GCN Peach Beach. Avoid the Cataquacks.
2 Wii-Wheel Only - VS race on DS Yoshi Falls with Trampoline Mushrooms.
August 1 Defeat 30 crabs on GBA Shy Guy Beach using either of the 3 items provided -- Green Shells, Bob-ombs, or Starmen.
2 Time Trial on Bowser's Castle. This version has a lot of new hazards, such as bats, and more lava springs (those bits of lava that shoot up).
September 1 Bikes Only - VS/Time Trial Race on GCN Cookie Land against all the babies.
2 See October 2008 Competition 1
October 1 Time Trial on GCN Mario Circuit. There are more hazards such as extra Chain Chomps and Piranha Plants.
2 Go through 22 gates in order on Daisy Circuit.
November 1 VS Race on Dry Dry Ruins with only Mushrooms.
2 Karts Only - Time Trial race on Rainbow Road, while avoiding Chain Chomp(s).
December 1 Defeat 10 Pokeys on DS Desert Hills using Starmen and Triple Green Shells
2 See August 2008 Competition 1
2010 January 1 Time Trial on Delfino Pier as if it was a course.
2 Wii Wheel Only - Drive through all the gate in GCN DK Mountain in order.


VS Race on N64 Sherbet Land with more hazards, such as more penguins, and some boxes.
2 Defeat 16 Goombas with Starmen and Green Shells on Mario Circuit.
March 1 Wii Wheel and Bikes only - VS race on Luigi Circuit without items.
2 Another Topman challenge here - like June 2009 competition 2, there are 6 of them, but unlike June 2009 competition 2, there are no falling rings.
April 1 GCN Peach Beach is covered with Trampoline Mushrooms! Bounce your way over them, and the actual Peach Beach course is now only the background.
2 Time Trial on Moonview Highway with all the cars going on both sides of the one-way (well, that's different, isn't it?) road. They go (from above) anti-clockwise, while the racer goes clockwise, doubling the chance of being flattened instead of being knocked over!
May 1 Wii Wheel and Karts only - See May 2008 Competition 1
2 Wii Wheel only - See May 2008 Competition 2
June 1 Karts only - See June 2008 Competition 2
2 See March 2009 Competition 2
July 1 See July 2008 Competition 1
2 Wii Wheel only - See July 2008 Competition 2
August 1 Delfino Square Time Trial with more crates, Goombas and dead end routes.
2 The gates are back - this time they're at Koopa Cape!
September 1 See September 2008 Competition 1
2 See December 2008 Competition 1
October 1 Karts only - See September 2008 Competition 2
2 See March 2010 Competition 1
November 1 See November 2008 Competition 1