The admin council is the governing body of the Mario Kart Wiki. It should consist of four admins and two bureaucrats who make decisions for the wiki in a democratic way.

Current Members

About the Council

  • All decisions are made in a democratic way. No decisions should be made by a single member of the council unless it is imperatively urgent (such as a vandal running around destroying pages or a promoted user seriously abusing their powers.)
  • A discussion can be started on the forums (recommended), the message wall of a member (recommended as well), or on either Mario Kart Racing Wiki's IRC channel or our very own wiki chat.
  • If a user requests a right such as chat mod, rollback, or admin, the council will hold a discussion about it; if they rule in favor, the user will be promoted.
    • For chat mod, it is recommended that you have made 50 constructive, high quality edits.
    • For rollback, it is recommended that you have made 150 constructive, high quality edits.
    • For admin, it is recommended that you have made 250 constructive, high quality edits.
  • If a user is inactive for over a month, they will be removed from the council.
  • It is advised that members keep watch on recent activity in order to know the happenings on the wiki and see the latest forum notices.
  • Council members can add stuff here.

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