Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks

The front cover of the CD, with Mario lookin' lit.

The Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks is a complimentary soundtrack that accompanies the game of the same name, Mario Kart 64. This CD/cassette is the American variant of the Mario Kart 64 Original Soundtrack (which was released in Japan). The CD holds music from all 16 tracks in the game, opening title sequences, menus, and much more... it amounts to a total of 29 tracks.

Kenta Nagata, an accomplished Japanese composer who's worked on other Mario Karts was the sole writer of all 29 songs. Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks was released on April 1, 1997, a few months after the release of the second Mario kart game.

Soundtrack List

Main Tracks

Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks (2)

DK and Mario on the back of the box art.

Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks (4a)

Old, classic cassette tape of Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks.

  1. Mario Kart 64 Theme (1:00)
  2. 3 Raceways/Wario Stadium (3:01)
  3. Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley (2:22)
  4. Koopa Troopa Beach (2:33)
  5. Kalimari Desert (2:46)
  6. Toad's Turnpike (3:16)
  7. Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land (2:34)
  8. Choco Mountain/Battle Arenas (3:27)
  9. Bowser's Castle (2:44)
  10. DK's Jungle Parkway (1:40)
  11. Banshee Boardwalk (2:03)
  12. Rainbow Road (4:48)
  13. Star Power (0:54)
  14. Setup/Kart Select (1:11)
  15. Battle Arenas (3:15)
  16. Winning Results (2:04)
  17. Losing Results (1:50)
  18. Time Trials Results (1:40)
  19. Trophy Presentation (1:58)
  20. No Trophy For You (1:02)
  21. Victory Lap (2:53)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Start Your Engines (0:22)
  2. Finish Trial (0:18)
  3. Final Lap (0:29)
  4. Finish First (0:26)
  5. Finish OK (0:21)
  6. Finish Out (0:24)
  7. Finish Last (0:14)
  8. Voice Collection (6:38)

Mario Kart Trivia!

Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks (3)

The shiny CD of the soundtrack.

  • "Race Tracks" is meant as a pun on the racing aspect of the game... a race track can be either be considered a course or a track as in soundtrack.
  • Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks has 8 less selections then the Mario Kart 64 Original Soundtrack (it has 37, mainly getting the extra tracks from character voices.)
  • DK and Mario artwork decorate the back of the box, and Mario alone is on the front.
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