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Mario Kart: Virtual Cup
Mario Kart Virtual Cup (2)
The opening menu for the game, very similar to Mario Kart: Super Circuit's.
Developer(s) DogP
Publisher(s) DogP
Distributor(s) Planet Virtual Boy
Platform(s) Virtual Boy
Released 2008
Genre(s) Homebrew
Mode(s) Single player

Mario Kart: Virtual Cup is a homebrew game made for the Virtual Boy made by DogP, in 2008


The gameplay is very similar to Super Mario Kart, but without any other AI racers, as this is a homebrew techdemo. There are 3 modes but only Time Trial is properly implemented
Toad (Mario Kart Virtual Cup)

Toad drifting around a corner in SNES Mario Circuit 1.


Mario Kart Virtual Cup Character Select

The Character Select screen from Mario Kart: Virtual Cup.


Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Star Cup

Special Cup

  • (non-functioning)

Mario Kart Trivia

Bowser (SNES Rainbow Road -Mario Kart Virtual Cup-)

The blur at the bottom of SNES Rainbow Roadis an unfinished animation of Bowser.

  • All of the drivers have the same design animations from the original Super Mario Kart during races.
    • The character animation for Donkey Kong in races (not on title or selection screen) is actually Donkey Kong Jr., from Super Mario Kart.
  • All tracks have the same theme- the original SNES Mario Circuit theme.

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