Mario Circuit 1 is the first ever track in the Mario Kart series, being the primary map of the original Mushroom Cup in Super Mario Kart. Since it is the introductory course, there's almost no hazards in this track- it's great for beginners in the Mario Kart world.

Along with every other course in the game, Mario Circuit 1 is featured again as a first track, this time in the Extra Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Mario Kart DS sees its return as a retro track in the Shell Cup. These two incarnations are very identical to the original.

The Staff Ghost for the Nintendo DS version is Mario and his Standard MR, with a time of 0'50"688. Meaning despite Baby Park being the shorter track in the game, let alone a retro one, the staff ghost for this course is slightly faster than the one on Baby Park (0'50"920) by just 0'00"232 seconds.


Super Mario Kart

Out in the middle of a sand plot, Mario Circuit 1 is not to lengthy of a course at all. It starts out with and small left turn into a long straightaway with many Coins to collect. After this, another left turn, this one requiring more of the Power sliding technique, can be frustrating due to a few Pipes jutting out of the track, mostly near the inner edge. From here, the course takes another straight section, with more Coins and a set of Item Blocks.

Another left turn follows, and very quickly a right bend is taken (even though it's a relatively simple track, unsuspecting players fall for this sudden turn), which has one more patch of Coins. Some players opt to just cut through the sandy patch, which can help with a well timed hop, and even more with a Mushroom. One more 180 degree turn, and then the four more laps after the finish line.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Very little has changed in this version of Mario Circuit 1... Item Boxes have replaced the traditional Item Blocks, and the Pipes in the middle of the track have been removed, just like all hazards from the original games' tracks. But the non-3D colored walls, Coins, and everything else remains unchanged. The lap count is 5, but it can be set to 3 on Quick Run. This course also has the background of GBA Peach Circuit instead of the original hill like background.

Mario Kart DS

The newest edition of this track has now been graphically updated pretty well, with 3D walls (now they actually look like they can stop you), better animation, and that sorta stuff. Still, the solitary line of Item Boxes remain in placement, and besides lacking Coins, it is a worthy replica of the first course in Mario Kart ever.

Mission Mode


Using a speed-boosting item such as a Mushroom or a Starman, you can boost over the sand and skip the fourth (right) turn.


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