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Mario Circuit appears in the Flower Cup on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is the first Mario-themed track to feature a Chain Chomp. It also features Piranha Plants that lunge out at players if they drive near and Goombas patrolling the sandy hills area. In multiplayer mode, the first set of Piranha plants are gone.

GCN Mario Circuit

Bowser Jr. racing in the Wii version of Mario Circuit.

This track appears as the final retro course of the Leaf Cup in Mario Kart Wii with little change. The graphics are improved and you can now perform Tricks off of the bumps in the Goomba area and on the bridge/ramp right before the finish line.


  • This is the first Mario Circuit to take place around Peach's castle. Mario Circuits in later games would all take place on the castle grounds as well.
  • This Mario Circuit was originally going to be in Mario Kart DS, but was replaced by Mushroom Bridge in honor of the New Mario Circuit, so it was put in Mario Kart Wii instead.
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