For a listing of other courses with the same name, see Mario Circuit.

Mario Circuit is the third map from the Star Cup on Mario Kart DS. Once again, this sixth Mario Circuit in the Mario Kart series takes place near Peach Castle grounds. Like Wii Mario Circuit and 3DS Mario Circuit, this Mario Circuit has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


The starting line is just to the right of a crowd of Mario Kart fans and then takes a quick right turn, onto the section of track bordering the lake. This part slowly rises and has 3 Goombas patrolling the track. After this, a right turn leads to a sandy plain where two huge Piranha Plants that spit out Fireballs are. Still, they are terribly inaccurate, so there isn't much to worry about. Also, a shortcut can be taken through the sand to the right of them, so long as you have a Mushroom or two. After this comes a pipe tunnel followed by a sharp left turn. This leads into a sandy road, and after another left turn, it gets really windy, with smaller Piranha Plants dotting the edges. At this part, Peach's Castle can be seen to the right, surrounded by the lake from earlier. The road reverts back to pavement, and after two massive left and right turns, the finish line appears...

Mission Mode

Mario Circuit MKDS

The Piranha Plants as seen from the intro for the course.


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Mario Circuit
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