For a listing of other courses with the same name, see Mario Circuit.

Mario Circuit is the second course in the Flower Cup of Mario Kart 7. Like DS Mario Circuit and Wii Mario Circuit, this Mario Circuit has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


The course begins with long, winding turns with flowers, grass, and pink-leaved trees lining the track. Racers will then jump off of a mushroom into Peach's castle, which has been remodeled to accommodate the Grand Prix. After drifting through the spiraled passageway in the castle, racers will launch off of a glider pad and into a pipe tunnel, in which they will emerge, leap over a small incline, and return to the checkered line.

This incantation of Mario Circuit is arguably more vibrant and refreshing than many of the Mario Circuits in previous games.


There are shortcuts on this course but they're only ramps.

  • After the first turn, one can go to a ramp to cut off the second turn.
  • After the Trampoline Mushroom, one can go to the left side this time to go to another ramp.
  • If you chose not to do that ramp, just go to the other one. On the right side.
  • When you glide, you can either choose not to use a Mushroom and glide on it, or you can just close the glider and use the Mushroom. This ramp is on the left side.


  • This course has cherry blossoms, similar to Royal Raceway.
  • Strangely enough, this course has a Trampoline Mushroom but Toad Circuit does not. It would be fitting to put one in there because, obviously, Toad is a mushroom.
    • There are mushrooms in Toad Circuit but they're only used for decoration.
  • The cherry blossom leaves are hearts.
  • This is not the first Mario Circuit to take place at Peach's Castle, but it is the first Mario Circuit where it allows you to drive INSIDE Peach's Castle.