Maka Wuhu (known as Wuhu Mountain Loop in Europe) is a one lap course appearing in Mario Kart 7. It is also the fourth and final course for the Star Cup. This track has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


Maka Wuhu is quite similar to Wuhu Loop, but has more uphill stretches. This track, like the other Wuhu Loop, has three sections. It begins with a gradual uphill incline as the track leads itself into the second section. Driving out of the cave tunnel, racers find themselves in the midst of a beautiful sunset view of Wuhu Island while grinding their wheels against the plateau. After this, racers swerve near or into a small castle and up the mountain for the final section of the course. Large turns and falling boulders accompany the steep upward trek; once racers are at the top, they blast off on a glider pad, having one last breathtaking view of the island from above before crossing the finish line.


Although not as many shortcuts as Wuhu Loop, there are still quite a bit of shortcuts on this course.

  • You can drift right after the concrete road to reach another path.
  • You can continue to go straight to reach the same path as you did before.
  • Go into the water after you exit the cave. There are some underwater geysers that you can trick off.
  • Before the final section, you can go into Summerstone Castle with a Mushroom.

Ultra Shortcut

There exists an infamous glitch which lets a player skip almost the entirety of the second section. This glitch is executed by dropping into the lake at the very entrance of the cave. To maximize success rate, drivers should plow into the lake using mushrooms or stars. When done correctly, players should respawn at the area next to the castle, skipping most of the second section and going straight into the third section.

Although the glitch is very helpful in single-player, despite the AI's tendency to rubberband itself back onto the player's tail, the glitch raised significant controversy in multiplayer, especially on Wi-Fi play. This controversy is due to the glitch's sheer effectiveness, simplicity of execution, and encouragement of purposely dwindling in lower positions at the beginning of the game to receive the powerful items which ease performing the shortcut. It also over-centralized online play, as many players looking for a quick win repeatedly chose this course, to the dismay of other racers who did not want to play on the track. Nintendo has since then patched the issue in Wi-Fi to disable the glitch.


  • When the race begins, go backwards and very shortly, Lakitu will grab you for no reason.
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