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Toadette in the Magikruiser
Type Light
First appearance Mario Kart Wii (2009)
Total appearances Mario Kart Wii
Advantages Acceleration, Handling
Disadvantages Speed

The Magikruiser is a lightweight Bike in Mario Kart Wii. It is unlocked by completing Time Trials on any eight different tracks. Its design is based off of the Magikoopa, a flying, magical enemy in the Super Mario series. It has decent acceleration, speed, handling, and mini-turbos, as well as the best off-road in the game (reaching its highest with its driver being Toadette), but its low weight allows players riding it to be pushed around more easily. Therefore, it is able to take Off-Road shortcuts without losing much Speed, but loses much of its effectiveness on stages with no off-road sections. It is considered to be an excellent beginner's bike, and a solid lightweight bike in general.

Unlike speedier bikes, the Magikruiser is actually used for world record times, almost exclusively on Shy Guy Beach, which has a lot of usable offroad sections that the Magikruiser can drive upon to get a shorter racing line without sacrificing as much speed. In the case of Shy Guy Beach, the offroad racing line is significantly shorter than the onroad racing line.

The Dolphin Dasher is very similar to the Magikruiser, and fares better in online races, where the player may not get preferable offroad courses and will need more speed and weight to compete against other racers.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 43
Weight 24
Acceleration 45
Handling 45
Drift 32
Offroad 67
Mini-Turbo 43

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