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Magikoopas (カメック, Kamekku) are creatures who wear a blue hat, robes, and spectacles and use a magic rod to
cast spells. At first glance they don't appear to be a Koopa, but at closer inspection one notices the structure of the mouth and concludes they are indeed koopas. They first appeared in the famous SNES Mario game Super Mario World. A member of the species, Kamek, babysat Bowser when Bowser was a baby (in the Yoshi's Island Series).

In Mario Kart

In pre-release screenshots of Mario Kart 64, a Magikoopa was playable, but before the game's final release, he was replaced by Donkey Kong. Also in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, one can be seen near the end of Bowser Castle 3 hovering back and forth. He did not appear in the reincarnation of it in Mario Kart Wii, but a bike shaped like a Magikoopa, the Magikruiser, can be unlocked in the game.

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