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Mach Bike
Princess Peach driving her pink Mach Bike.
Type Bike
First appearance Mario Kart Wii
Total appearances 1
Advantages Seed, Mini Turbos
Disadvantages Acceleration & Off-road

The Mach Bike is a medium weight bike made its debut in Mario Kart Wii. It resembles a superbike usually seen in motor racing. It is one of the bikes you can use when you play 100cc or 150cc Grand Prix, as you don't need to unlock it. The MK8 bike counterpart is The Sport Bike.


The Mach Bike is a fast bike with the highest drift and mini-turbo stats in the game for medium bikes. It is not really as fast as the Flame Runner but the outstanding Mini-Turbos boost and help make up for this. It has world records for tracks that need a lot of drift or rely more on the mini-turbo stat than the speed stat, such as SNES Mario Circuit 3. Commonly found on Time Trials and even in normal races, it is one of the most used bikes in this game, alongside the Flame Runner.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 55
Weight 37
Acceleration 24
Handling 32
Drift 62
Offroad 27
Mini-Turbo 62

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