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Luigi Raceway Overview - Mario Kart 64
Cup artwork of Luigi Raceway.

See Luigi Circuit for a listing of similar courses which appear in other games.

Kart 7.]]Luigi Raceway (known as Luigi Circuit in Japan) is the first track in the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 64. It is the prequel to Mario Raceway and Royal Raceway, and has the same music. It is the most basic course in the game as it has no hazards whatsoever; it is only a simple course featuring a straightaway, two wide turns and a curve through a tunnel. Luigi Raceway reappears in Mario Kart 7 as the first course of the Shell Cup.

Luigi Raceway in Mario Kart 7.

Previous track:
Current track:
Luigi Raceway
Next track:
Moo Moo Farm
Previous track:
Rainbow Road
Reappears in
Mario Kart 7


  • This is one of few courses in Mario Kart 64 where a staff ghost could be unlocked.
  • The item box on the balloon always carries a Spiny Shell in Mario Kart 64.
  • The turns are very similar to ones on a NASCAR track, wide and slightly banked.


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