For a listing of other courses with the same name, see Luigi Circuit.

In Mario Kart Wii, Luigi Circuit is the first track of the Mushroom Cup. It is very simple with few turns and Dash Panels on the high part of the last turn. There is a Luigi statue in one of the turns that sometimes turns into a Mii. There's also a giant Luigi cap on the audience seats. At the starting point, there are Miis placed as audiences. This track has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.

The first competition of October 2008 took place here. It was a Wii Wheel and Kart only competition. It was simple VS race but without items.

The second competition of May 2009 also took place here. It was another VS race with a sunset setting (like in the credits) and Bob-omb Cars roamed around here.

The first competition of March 2010 was a repeat for the first competition of October 2008, but with a bike restriction instead of a kart restriction.

The second competition of October 2010 was an exact repeat of the second competition of October 2008, keeping the kart restriction.

The Staff Ghost uses Luigi in the Wild Wing, while the Expert Staff Ghost uses Luigi in the Sprinter.


  • Just before the final turn, one can use a Mushroom to go into the sand and reach a ramp.
  • One can boost using a Mushroom and cut the final turn. It is easy to notice the shortcut because there are pipes in the sand.


Playing as a Mii will change the Luigi statue into a random Mii in the game. This also happens in a lot of different courses in Mario Kart Wii.

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