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MK8 Luigi
Luigi as depicted in Mario Kart 8.
First Appearance Super Mario Kart (1992)
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 8 (2014)
Total Appearances Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Mario Kart Arcade GP
Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Mario Kart 8
Weight Class(es) SMK - MK8: Medium
MKAGP2: Balanced

Luigi is an all-around racer in every game and Mario's brother. He can be considered Mario's counterpart as he has almost the same stats. He is Mario's partner in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Like his brother Mario, he has appeared as a playable character in all the Mario Kart Games.


Luigi a noticeably taller than his brother, Mario, and he is also a little bit more lean. And also, a bit heavier. Yeah, he works out. They both have Italian accents. Luigi wears brown shoes and overalls like Mario, but Luigi's overalls are noticeably a darker shade of blue. Luigi has a green long sleeved shirt and wears white gloves. He has a brown mustache and brown hair. And he has his own special green hat with his initial (L) on it.

Appearances in Mario Kart games

Karts and Bikes

Staff Ghost Tracks

*As a Retro Track

Death Stare

Furious that the "Year of Luigi" was declared over, the green-clad plumber is hitting the tracks with some serious attitude. A meme has emerged where images and clips depict Luigi giving his now famous 'Death Stare' at other opponents as he drives past them, usually after hitting them with an item.[1]




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