The Koopa Clown is an unlockable Kart frame, designed after Bowser's colorful Koopa Clown Car used by Bowser and Bowser Jr. from various Mario series games. This vehicle is only available in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so far.


Shaped sort of similar to Yoshi's Egg 1 from Mario Kart DS, the Koopa Clown has a slightly rounded shape. Black eyes and red markings have been painted on the front of the primarily white kart. Orange lip designs are near the base of the vehicle, giving the Koopa Clown the distinctive face of a clown. A huge smoke stack comes out of the kart's "mouth", slanting upwards, passed the seat, and towards the back- it covers up most of the left side. The black seat is fronted by a green windshield, and the base of the Koopa Clown (where the propeller would normally be [but Gliders are still an option for flight]) is also a light shade of green.

MK8DX Koopa Clown

Koopa Clown as seen in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Unlocked By

  • Collect an amount of Coins and hope you get lucky.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Weight 0
Acceleration -0.25
Handling +0.5
Drift 0
Off-Road -0.25
Mini-Turbo +1.5


Koopa Clown (Yoshi)

Yoshi in the garage with the Koopa Clown.

  • A shortcut in Neo Bowser City makes use of a Koopa Clown Car as a shortcut (right at the beginning), but this one levitates in the air via turbo fans. Various courses such as Wuhu Loop and N64 Big Donut use the Koopa Clown Car fan. In the aforementioned battle course, you go to the Glide Panel and get Item Boxes via the Koopa Clown Car fan. However, it is inaccessible in Wuhu Loop. It's only a background object.
  • The hidden Mini-Turbo stat gives the Koopa Clown a little more credibility, as it's tied with the Barrel Train and Bumble V for highest Mini-Turbo in the game.
  • It also has the best Handling stat (at least when Speed isn't taken away), along with the Birthday Girl and Cloud 9.

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