Koopa Beach 2 is a plain beach with Cheep Cheeps and deep waters as obstacles. The water in this course slows racers down slightly. Dark patches of water populate the middle of the track. If a racer spends too much time in it, Lakitu pulls him or her back onto the track. The middle can be traversed by multiple routes, including an island with a single item box. Grass populates the middle of this track. The starting area is separated from the main track. This course returns in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the first track in the Extra Special Cup with the Cheep Cheeps removed. It also gains GBA Shy Guy Beach's background. This track returns in Mario Kart DS as the first course in the Leaf Cup, and Mission 5-3 also takes place here. In this mission, Toad has to destroy 5 moving Item Boxes. The Staff ghost in Mario Kart DS for this track uses Yoshi in the Egg 1.

MarioKartDS SNESKoopaBeach2

A screenshot from Mario Kart DS

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