The Inkstriker is one of three new vehicles that players will be able to choose from in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This upcoming ATV is based off of the Inkstrike special missile weapons in the Splatoon series. It's presumed to be unlocked from the start.

Stats are not out yet for the vehicle, at least not any that the Wiki has seen...


Inkstriker (King Boo, Inkling)

King Boo and an Inkling modeling the Inkstriker.

The basic concept of the Inkstriker is that the player is sitting on a potential missile with wheels. So it might not be the safest ATV to choose from, but it definitely does look cool. The warhead of the Inkstriker is colored red and has two eye-like designs on either side of it. The frame of the bomb extends for about 2.5 feet and is colored white. The player's logo can be seen here, and this is also the seating/steering section of the vehicle. Moving to the back, the Inkstriker turns green (so it might be a little Mexican, maybe?) with 4 propelling fins on the back, giving it a WWII torpedo look. Variable colored (depending on the driver) jet engines adorn the back of the vehicle, and on the very bottom are a few pipes for some machinery that only mechanics could understand.


As mentioned before, the statistics have not been released yet for the Inkstriker, but by the looks of it, you can probably bet it will display advantages in Speed and maybe Traction. But it's anybody's guess.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed TBA
Acceleration TBA
Weight TBA
Handling TBA
Traction TBA


  • The Inkstriker and the Splat Buggy are the only two Splatoon vehicles so far.
    • They are also rare in the fact that they're ATVs.


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