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Hyrule Circuit is the fourth and last track of the Triforce Cup in Mario Kart 8. It is, obviously, the home track of Link.

In this track, rupees replace coins, and Deku Babas and Keese replace Piranha Plants and Swoopers.

The staff ghost kart setup is Link driving a Master Cycle with Triforce Tires and a Hylian Kite.


Mario Kart 8

The track starts at Hyrule Field, as it zigzags through a grassy area. Several ramps can be found here, before a gliding pad that sends the player into Hyrule Castle. After a U-turn, the player arrives in a grand hall with the Master Sword resting in a Triforce-shaped pedestal. The routes split at the sword, before merging directly afterward. After a jump out the back of the castle, the player lands in a small village before going through a valley with Deku Babas. After a final jump, the player returns to the start.


  • In the field, a mushroom can be used to cut through the zigzags.
  • Before the Master Sword are three crystals that give spin-boosts. If a player touches all three, a Boost Pad opens up before the Master Sword, allowing the player to jump into it.
  • After exiting the castle, a mushroom can be used across the grass to cut off a turn.



  • This is one of three tracks in the Mario Kart series to have a sound of the roulette item that differs from other tracks of the original game, the others being Waluigi Pinball and Animal Crossing.

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