A half-pipe is a section of a track where it is possible to perform tricks on both sides of the road in Mario Kart Wii. They are usually pulsating from blue to purple. You can do a stunt, but you get a boost even if you don't. The best example would be the final stretch of DK Summit, which features Shy Guys performing tricks on snowboards. In these terms, "half-pipe" means "half-cylinder", which is what a half-pipe road looks like. There is only one mandatory half-pipe, in Rainbow Road. All the others are optional, but many are hard to avoid. Half-pipes are useful for prolonged boosts of speed since a racer can just drive constantly along the edge of the top without doing tricks. This can be done on GCN Waluigi Stadium.


Waluigi on a half-pipe in GCN Waluigi Stadium


  • The half-pipe ramp has been removed from Mario Kart 7 onwards and is now used for the glider ramp. Hopefully it returns in Mario Kart 9...

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