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The Goomboss is the third boss of Mario Kart DS's Mission Mode. He is the leader of all Goombas and increases his size after each lap. He has a large crown and mustache, his body is red and white striped and is much larger and faster than regular goombas. To win, Toad must race him in three laps around Baby Park.


First, Rocket Start to catch up to him and snake closely to the turn, and you'll be ahead of him, but he will quickly catch up, so don't let him trample you. He will be in front of you, so tightly snake around the corner, then when he gets to the finish line he'll stop (giving you some time), grow bigger, and move faster, throughout this lap you should be in front of him. Again he will stop, grow even bigger, move even faster, but this time he will cheat and step over the middle and gain on you. Snake closely around each corner, and get any Mushrooms he may have dropped, it will be close but if done correctly you will win and get three stars.

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