First appearing in the NES game Super Mario Bros., a Goomba is a common enemy throughout the Super Mario series. Goombas (there are multiple numbers of them) scout around for Mario in various levels, trying to stop him in his numerous quests to save Peach. However, Goombas usually fail, as Mario can just step on and squish them (so easy to defeat that they only yield 100 points!).

Although they aren't playable Characters in Mario Kart, Goombas make cameo appearances throughout the Tracks, often as an obstacle in the middle of the road. If racers run into one of them, they spin out. However, a Goomba can also be defeated by hitting it with an Item such as a Green Shell or a Red Shell, which flattens him (similar to previous Super Mario games) and releases a Mushroom.


A Goomba is based off of a brown mushroom, being a local of Mushroom Kingdom. He walks on two, simple, brown feet. A Goomba has a small, tan body, and his head is shaped like a mushroom cap. A Goomba always has a scowl on his face with two jagged teeth. They have plain white eyes with large, angry eyebrows.


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