The Galaxy Comet is a Kart that belongs to Rosalina that appeared in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX alone. This vehicle is based on the princess's interstellar adventures in the Super Mario Galaxy games. It can maneuver around tight bends and U-turns with some good handling.


The Galaxy Comet's design is inspired from a comet sailing through the night sky. The whole body caves in the front but widens out near the back, sort of like a comet tail. The primary frame (the bullet-shaped part) is light yellow and a baby blue star with two smaller ones on either side decorate the front. The sides of the Galaxy Comet have huge projections that resemble fire. The upper half of them is yellow, and two 3D light blue stripes on the bottom. Behind the blue seat and steering wheel, it's light blue as well, and four thrusters extend from the back. Additionally, the driver's logo can be seen on the back of the Galaxy Comet.

Color Schemes

Galaxy Comet (Blue Toad) (2)

Blue Toad in the darker Galaxy Comet.

Two alternate color schemes can be obtained for the Galaxy Comet:
  • A pink body with turquoise designs and fins, and
  • Completely black and gray frame with yellow stars decorating the hood.


Although the Galaxy Comet belongs to a Heavyweight character, it follows suite of Lightweight karts, having bonuses in acceleration and handling. A few other karts have broken the weight law in the Mario Kart series, too.

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration +1
Speed +0
Handling +1


  • The Shooting Star, a Kart/Bike from Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii, respectively, bares resemblance to the Galaxy Comet... they both have star designs.
  • Light blue and pale yellow colors of the Galaxy Comet are derived from Rosalina and her Luma.