Funky Kong was first seen in the Donkey Kong series as a minor character. Mario Kart Wii marks his first appearance in a Mario Kart game. Funky Kong is a large type character and must be unlocked by unlocking four Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials.

Funky Kong is widely used among competitive players due to his very high speed stat. In fact, as of 17 July 2017, 33 of the 46 records on the main page of the Mario Kart Wii world records website were set using Funky Kong.

He also has an off-road bonus. Funky Stadium is a Battle Stage named after him in Mario Kart Wii. He hasn't appeared in recent Mario Kart games yet due to his overpowered stats in Mario Kart Wii.


Funky Kong

The original Funky Kong in Donkey Kong 64-

Although Funky Kong is mainly associated with his red bandana and cool looking shades, this however was not his first description in a video game. Donkey Kong 64, a game originally for the classic, old-school Nintendo 64 marked him more as a soldier than a hip-hop gangster. He had black combat boots, a dark green, camouflaged tank top shirt with matching pants and an ammunition bandoleer around his waist. He also had red sunglasses (no where near as cool as his shades now), and an army cap with the same camouflaged design as his shirt. And one thing the cool version of Funky Kong didn't have was a huge RPG-7 (missile launcher) slung across his back like the Donkey Kong 64 version of him did. Funky Kong will always miss that RPG-7.

In Mario Kart Wii, he took on the more modern, or "funky" style of his career. He now wears blue pants that are torn off at his knees, a black belt now replaces his ammo belt, and his tank top is now white. His shades are now a dark color, and he now has a red bandana with white dots on it. His frame is very similar to Donkey Kong, and he even retains DK's classic smile. Although he had a different appearance in Donkey Kong 64, he still maintained a hip, up-to-the-minute attitude.

Karts and Bikes

Staff Ghost Tracks

* = Retro course

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In other games

Funky Kong is not usually featured as a playable character in most Donkey Kong games, but more of a side character that helps Donkey Kong and friends along the way by giving them new abilities or equipment. One of his most famous appearances was in Donkey Kong 64 where he sold the five Kongs fruit shooters that would shoot various fruits and foods (with the exception of Tiny Kong's Feather Bow).