ANOTHER palette swap character in the Mario Kart series is Fire Mario. His new change in color is due to being enhanced by a Fire Flower. In the Mario series, this would mean he has the ability to shoot fireballs. But in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, it is sadly just a mere hue alteration.

He's available for download in the game, so you must be using a Mario Card to access him.


Fire Mario (3)

A perfect pose by the fire-blasting hero.

Racers who are just pallet swaps of classics do not have much to their characteristics. As is the case with Fire Mario. He is dressed in the usual overalls and shirt as regular Mario, but the coloration is different. His overalls are now red, like his shirt and hat used to be (It's now white.). Fire Mario still retains hi gloves and brown shoes, and the "M" emblem on his hat has now switched colors with the rest of the cap. Fire Mario's face is still the same as it was, no difference there.


As with regular Mario, Fire Mario has averaged out stats. He's ready for anything the tracks throw at him. For this reason, Fire Mario is a decent beginner racer.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed ★★★
Acceleration ★★★
Handling ★★★