Dry Dry Ruins is a desert course and the first track in the Special Cup in Mario Kart Wii, and is the first track of the cup. There are multiple Pokeys scattered across the track, and a lot of dark sand here to slow racers down. Some pillars towards the start will fall down from time to time, which racers can do Aerial tricks off. Next in the course, players race across a partly broken bridge that goes over a river. It is apparently Yoshi's track because of the Yoshi Sphinxes here (there are three, it is replaced by Mii's if you are driving as a Mii). Next, the player will race inside a ruins site. Bats are all over, as they fly in front of the player when he or she enters the site. The Swoopers try to slow the racers down and can become very annoying. There are Pokey hieroglyphs on the walls as well. Inside, the music changes and there are several halfpipes you can do Aerial tricks off. There is a giant bowl at the end with two Pokeys in it. Overtime, sand slowly falls and fills it up, forcing racers to take a longer route across the bowl's outside in the second and third laps. There is a ramp at the site's exit, and more bats fly out at you. This course is similar to Dry Dry Desert in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and it's possible it could be the course in the background of Yoshi Desert. It is like the Wii version of Desert Hills, too. Finally, there is a shortcut that requires two mushrooms. Just before the brick bridge with a Pokey, players will see to their left a giant pile of sand. They can turn their kart (or bike) that way and use their mushrooms to shortcut over the sand.


  • This is probably the only desert course that has never returned in a later game as of now.



Yoshi at the beginning of the site

Maxresdefault (1)

Wario at the end of the track


Yoshi at the end of the site

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Dry Dry Ruins
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