Donkey Kong Jr. is a classical character who makes his first appearance is the arcade game "Donkey Kong Jr.". He is a racer from Super Mario Kart, marking his first and only Mario Kart appearance. He was a heavyweight class driver. Donkey Kong Jr. is no longer a part of the Mario Kart series. He was replaced by the current Donkey Kong, in every other Mario Kart game. In the game "Donkey Kong Jr." he has to climb up vines to save the original Donkey Kong (who is now Cranky Kong) from Mario. He has also been in Mario's Tennis for the VB, and Mario Tennis for the N64.

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii he is an audience member at Waluigi Stadium.


Donkey Kong Jr. is a huge monkey in the Mario series. His face, hands, and feet are all a tan color. He always has a wide smile. He has brown fur all over his body. And for a little customization, he has a white tank top shirt with a big, red letter J on it (probably for "junior").