Daisy Hills is the second course of the Mushroom Cup appearing in Mario Kart 7. This track hasn't appeared as a retro track in a future Mario Kart game yet.


It starts off in a small village. A path leads to some bridges, ascends to a hill with some Mountain Goats which behave in a similar fashion to Moo Moos. After an another bridge, the player can choose can chose to go on a jump to fly the village or to a shortcut to fly through windwills. Going on the normal path, it is possible to land on the row of houses for some boosts.

There are some shortcuts in the course. The first one is at the first left turn where one can use a mushroom to boost over the grass. The next shortcut is after the first bridge. There is a ramp in the grass which can be reached with a mushroom. The third shortcut is after the second bridge. One can use a mushroom to boost over the grass. There is also a secret gliding ramp at the end. The last one can be reached by gliding on the rooftops. This doesn't save any time though and it's actually slower.

The staff ghost for this course is obviously Daisy.


In the goat area, players can avoid the goats by accessing a hidden ramp. The shortcut is better with a Mushroom.

Before the glider ramp, notice two pipes in the grass. Use a Mushroom and go between the two pipes (you don't have to) access another glider ramp. This one is more low down and this glider ramp is not on the bridge.


  • This is the only Mario Kart 7 course where the water is see-through.
  • There are 6 hot-air balloons on the track. 2 blue ones, 2 red ones, and 2 orange ones.
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