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Bullet Bike
Toad on the Bullet Bike.
Type Bike, Small
First appearance Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Total appearances Mario Kart Wii
Advantages Speed
Disadvantages Weight

The Bullet Bike is a lightweight Bike available from the start in Mario Kart Wii. The vehicle's design is based off of a Bullet Bill enemy. When Dry Bones is racing in it, it really fits the "Bullet Bill" part. The Speed for Bullet Bike is very nice, considering its small weight... if only it matched the Bullet Bill Item in fastness...


Just like real deal Bullet Bill, the Bullet Bike has a sleek and rounded body, with a dulled point up front. There's no grille or headlights, just two glaring eyes and chugging arms on either side, the key components of the ammunition enemy. The top of the bike has an opening for the racer to be seated, with a small glass panel bolted right above the steering wheel. As the back of the Bullet Bike narrows out, decked in varying stripes (see color schemes below), two thrusters protrude to give it added speed capabilities. A compartment, presumably for storing stuff like Game Boy Advances or index cards is right behind the seat, and a tiny antenna sticks out near the back of the ride. The vehicle is able to drive thanks to two wheels coming out slots in the bottom of the bullet/frame.


The Bullet Bike, being a Lightweight vehicle, suffers immensely in the speed and weight categories. However, it has some of the largest mini-turbos in the game, and the sharpest drifting of all vehicles in the game. For being a speed-oriented bike, it all-around has stats like handling, acceleration, and off-road superior than Middleweight or Heavyweight speed vehicles. The Bullet Bike is best used on shorter circuits with sharp turns like Ghost Valley 2 and Mario Circuit 3, where the Bullet Bike's drifting and mini-turbo advantages shine and its top speed disadvantage is slightly negated due to the short overall course length. It is overall the fastest lightweight bike.

The Bullet Bike holds no world records nor regional records in Time Trials, due to its low top speed compared to vehicles like the Spear, Mach Bike, and Flame Runner.

Color Schemes

Baby Daisy (Bullet Bike)

A Time Trial performed by Baby Daisy in the Bullet Bike. Not bad time, either...


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 53
Weight 24
Acceleration 32
Handling 35
Drift 67
Offroad 29
Mini-Turbo 67

Mario Kart Trivia

  • The Mini Beast is the Kart counterpart for this bike.
  • In Japan, the Bullet Bike is known as the Rocket Bill (ロケットキラー), and in France (NOE), it is called the Bill Bike (Bill Bécane).
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s Bullet Blaster was very similar to this bike.
  • There's no logo of the character using this bike anywhere on the body, making it the only vehicle to lack one in Mario Kart Wii.
  • Combined with Toad, this bike can have the highest Drift statistic in the game, at 73. Using Koopa Troopa or Dry Bones will getchu the highest Mini-Turbo boost out of the whole game, also at 73.


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