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Bowser Castle 3 is the fourth course in the Star Cup in Super Mario Kart.

It's the original game's infamous track, the "noob filter", which is difficult enough to only let mature and experienced players pass through in 100cc Grand Prix Mode. Not only are the racers quite hard to catch upon, but also and above all, the track itself: A nightmare! Multiple walls, jumps above lava, sharp turns and thin corridors prevent unconfirmed players from breaching it's ranks in 100cc Grand Prix, and therefore continue towards the Special Cup.

The Layout

The track starts with a quick first turn which leads racers straight to a thin walled corridor. This first trap can easily ruin a race, even if the player arrives first into the corridor. come after that another left turn straight into the other big section; multiple jumps above the lava pool, to reach very small patches of stone. Four paths open to the racer, before another left turn.

Straight after the turn, a hidden zipper that most inexperienced players miss. Another thin walled section leads to the central hairpin, heading right.

From the central hairpin, three branches open up. The left one has coins and item boxes, but needs to be reached. Others have zippers set straight after jump bars, making unaware players avoid them due to the jumps.

After the triple corridor, another hairpin heads left, into a final S curve which leads back to the checkered line.

Many inexperienced players fail to pass this track in 100cc class Grand Prix, and sometimes those who finally succeed qualifying for the final track, Mario Circuit 4, end up on their last life with a risk of losing it and therefore, the cup.

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