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Bowser Castle 2 is the fourth of the five Flower Cup tracks of Super Mario Kart

This map is famous for its dead end path ending with "STOP" written on the path, after which racers normally fall straight into lava. With a feather, karts can jump from that "STOP" mark to a further part of the track, resulting in a shortcut. While using a mushroom at the "STOP" mark will result into falling in the lava, it is possible to hit the wall of the track ahead. If this is done successfully, Lakitu will drop the character on the latter track, although this shortcut if less effective than with a feather.

Despite not being quite as hard as the next one, Bowser Castle 2 can prove a challenge with it's glasses-shaped part of track filled with massive 90° turns. Tight power-sliding techniques can be a lethal way to leave your friends (and foes alike) at bay while you cross the checkered line triumphantly...

This course returns in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the first track in the Extra Lightning Cup. The lack of a feather item in that game, however, makes the "STOP" shortcut ineffective.

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