One of the many Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants, Blue Toad, is available as a DLC racer in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. This particularly lapis-shaded Toad is one of many multi-colored Toads (different from THE Toad), and he first appeared as "Player 3" in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Procuring Blue Toad can be done with a Mario Card only.


Blue Toad

Young, wild, and free.

Color is the main characterization in deciding which Toad is which. Blue Toad is dressed in the same attire as all the other Mushroom citizens, but his clothes are primarily blue. He wears brown shoes which are directly connected to his diaper. The sleeveless blue vest with gold trim is identical to Toad's, as well as his face. However the only difference about the Blue Toad is his shroom head, which is white and covered with BLUE dots instead of RED.

Really, the only difference from regular Toad is a pallet swap.


This Toad is one of the lightest racers in the game. In fact, he's in a special class designated "Featherweight", which is even lighter than Yoshi/Baby Peach. That means some serious Handling.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed ★★
Acceleration ★★★
Handling ★★★


  • Mario Kart 8's online menu has multiple colored Toads floating around in spacesuits. Blue Toad can be seen from time to time with a Yellow Toad. He's not playable, though. Who cares, though.
  • Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and a wide assortment of colored Toads are probably liable to be clone racers in the future.


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