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Blooper Artwork (Mario Kart Wii)
The Blooper, as he appears in Mario Kart Wii.
Description Spurts large ink blots on the screens of racers ahead of the user. Causes CPU racers to swerve.
First appearance Mario Kart DS
Latest appearance Mario Kart 8

A Blooper is a squid-like enemy found in underwater levels in the Mario series. They are utilized as an Item in Mario Kart DS and onward.


The Blooper is a recovery Item. Once the player launches him, the Blooper will go to every kart in front of them. Blooper flies around for a few seconds in front of the racers and then squirts ink all over them and their windshield.

The ink obstructs the driving view of human opponents and causes CPU characters to drive terribly and swerve around on the track. In Mario Kart DS and 7, newer players will find it useful to look at the bottom screen while the ink is on the driving screen, easing their driving under the Blooper's effects, but on Wii and 8, there is no such minimap- players will have to rely on track experience. The ink will wear off after a few seconds, but can also be prematurely removed by using a Boost Pad or a Mushroom (or during the turbo boost) or entering/leaving from underwater (Mario Kart 8).

The Potted Piranha Plant also can eat Bloopers.

Mario Kart Trivia

  • The Super Blooper kart is based off of this enemy.
  • Its ink cannot be removed by mini-turbos, tricks or wheelies.

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