The Beast Glider (ビーストカイト) is a jagged, orange Glider that can be unlocked in Mario Kart 7. It is pretty standard when it comes to stats, offering no advantages or disadvantages.


With an appearance of a blistering fire with sharp thorns, the Beast Glider does make Karts look a bit more savage when equipped with it. The cutout is a semicircle, with tattered and ripped edges. A black beam holds the wings (which are dark orange near the ends and lighten up to yellowish-orange at the base) in place, running down the middle. 4 yellow spines pointed backwards come out the top of a dark crossbeam. Instead of strings, a black pole fastens the Beast Glider to the back of the vehicle.


  • Amass 5000 Coins throughout races.
    • This amount can be decreased if you use StreetPass to earn vehicle parts.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Acceleration 0
Weight 0
Handling 0
Off-Road 0


  • A few international names for the Beast Glider are the Beast Kite (Japan), Ghastly Glider (Europe), and Thorn Glider (Germany).
  • This glider is often the last non-gilded Kart part to be unlocked. This is trivial because most customizations are obtained at random.
  • The Super and Gliders have identical stats.


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