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Battle Course 2 (GBA)
An overhead view of Battle Course 2.
First appearance Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
Total appearances Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Battle Course 2 is the second battle course of Mario Kart Super Circuit. It's surrounded by deadly lava on all sides, much like the Bowser Castle tracks in the same game.


The battle stage takes place on a square platform in the middle of a sea of lava inside one of Bowser's fortresses... the backdrop suggests that it's Bowser Castle 2. Four square lava lakes lie perpendicular to each other, and they are all separated by flooring made of wire mesh. Driving over the wire illuminates players with a reddish glow and makes them go slightly slower than on normal road (So it can be slightly disadvantageous to be driving on it.)

Four Jump Pads are at each end of the cross section, which can be a big hazard if players are unskillful when it comes to controlling their Kart in midair. No guardrails in the center of the stage will quite often claim [[Balloon]s from other players. Finally, the outer edge of the whole platform is a light blue brick road, with Item Boxes laying about for attacking opponents.


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