A Banzai Bill (バンザイビル) is a more ferocious and deadly version of a standard Bullet Bill in the Mario games. These variants are much more sizable, and have a wide, vicious looking smile instead of the normal arms.

For the most part, the regular Bullet Bills are more common (since Mario Kart DS introduced the Item), but Banzai Bills still manage to appear in the Mario Kart 7 remake of Airship Fortress, replacing the Bullet Bill barrage at the beginning of the track.


DS Airship Fortress


Banzai Bills as seen in Mario Kart 7.

Right at the start of the course, a wide stone pathway must be taken to head on to one of the Airships. Crossing the straightaway is difficult though, as the deck of the ship keeps up a steady stream of Banzai Bills. Racers have to drive straight into these even larger bullets, and at all costs avoid them; if a player gets shot, they tumble over.


  • "Banzai" is a Japanese word expressing excitement or joy, even though a bullet coming straight for your face isn't too joyful...
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