Banshee Boardwalk is a spooky track in Mario Kart 64, that has sections with no rails, and darkened areas that doesn't become light until your kart comes to a certain spot. It is a wooden boardwalk with a crumbling old castle. Occasionally, a giant Cheep Cheep will jump overhead. Also, as with most of the haunted tracks, Boos will frequently appear, cackle and then disappear. There are also banshees that fly around in two parts in the castle, giving the course its name. For some reason, they only try to rush out at the player. The music creates a very creepy and suspenseful atmosphere.

It should be noted that green shells will often bounce off the railings and could potentially come back to hit you, so it would be wise to plan where and when you use them as improper use may have catastrophic results.

There is a shortcut where you can jump over a gap inside the old building, which requires a mushroom (or just a well-timed hop in the DS version). It is very risky and not actually worth it, except to skip some bats. This trick is usually performed at the Time Trials mode.

MarioKartDS N64BansheeBoardwalk

A screenshot from Mario Kart DS

This course is based on Ghost Valley 2, from Super Mario Kart. This is the third track in the Special Cup. This track returns in Mario Kart DS as a retro track, being the second track in the Lightning Cup. In the DS version, Mission 7-8 takes place here, featuring Luigi having to destroy 10 Item Boxes while avoiding the Fake Item Boxes.

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