Banana Ruins is the final track found in the D.K. Cup of Mario Kart Arcade GP. Rather then just extend the track a little bit, it adds an entirely new section to it. There is no Banana Ruins in future MKAGP games.


Mario Kart Arcade GP

The starting point of this track is the same, but, instead of the U turn to the left, there is a half turn to the right. After this, you'll exit the jungle, and be in the ruins of an old temple and grounds. Going on for a bit, you'll then enter the Temple. The interior of the temple is golden, decorated with Bananas around the edges. Once you exit the temple, you'll go across a bridge, and down into another temple (But this one looks more like a mine). After this, you'll go on a U turn back to the starting point.

Mario Kart Trivia

  • This appears as Round 3 in MKAGP. The only difference is that in this one, it's raining.
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