Banana Ruins is the final track found in the D.K. Cup of Mario Kart Arcade GP. Rather then just extend the track a little bit, it adds an entirely new section to it.


Mario Kart Arcade GP

The starting point of this track is the same, but, instead of the U turn to the left, there is a half turn to the right. After this, you'll exit the jungle, and be in the ruins of an old temple and grounds. Going on for a bit, you'll then enter the Temple. The interior of the temple is golden, decorated with Bananas around the edges. Once you exit the temple, you'll go across a bridge, and down into another temple (But this one looks more like a mine). After this, you'll go on a U turn back to the starting point.


  • This appears as Round 3 in MKAGP. The only difference is that in this one, it's raining.
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