Automatic (Icon)

The Automatic icon in the Drift Selection screen.

Automatic is a Drift mode for players just starting out or looking for an easier race. Unlike Manual drifting, you don't have to press down on the power-slide button- you simply turn in the direction you want, and a Hop and sliding is performed "automatically", with no speed lost.

So far, this technique has only been offered in Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart Wii. For the rest of the games in the series, Manual drift is the only option.


Super Mario Kart

Mario (Donut Plains 2)

Mario sliding across the terrain of Donut Plains 1-automatically.

Although drifting by pressing L works perfectly in the first game, turning sharply (holding down the D-pad for a while) will cause the racer's Kart's back tires to start sliding across the track. It takes a while though for this drift, and for the most part, regular drifting works fine.

One bonus that Automatic Drifting does have in Super Mario Kart is that players won't spin out if they over-drift, like they regularly would.

Mario Kart Wii

Mii (Luigi Circuit)

White smoke coming from the Automatic drift of a Mii.

After several games where Automatic Drift wasn't an option, Mario Kart Wi brings back the capability- and this time, it's designated as an actual option to choose from. As before, turning at a severe angle will cause drifting, and white smoke will shoot out of the exhaust pipe. Automatic is great for beginners who aren't quite sure how to drift yet or people who just don't feel like it.

But, to even it out with Manual drift (where you must press B to start sliding), you can't execute Mini-Turbos or Super Mini-Turbosanymore.


  • CPUs in Mario Kart Wii NEVER choose Automatic, only Manual.
  • Super Mario Kart never designated its Automatic drift officially as "Automatic", but the processes are still the same.